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Mole & Gopher Removal, Tyler and East Texas

Mole Masters is a mole and gopher extermination company serving Tyler, TX and the East Texas area. We are the pest control experts when it comes to moles and pocket gophers.

It's Your Yard, Take it Back!

Are you tired of moles and gophers digging up your yard? Have you tried poisons, chewing gum, car exhaust and other techniques with no results? It's time to call in an expert mole and gopher exterminator.

Guaranteed Results

We use time-tested, reliable mole and gopher traps. We generally see results within one to three days. We will show you the moles and gophers we catch to prove the effectiveness of our work. If no mole or gopher is caught, we refund you 100% of all fees. With over 10 years of experience controlling moles and gophers, Mole Masters will help you take back your yard.

Affordable Prices

  • All prices are based on mole and gopher activity, lot size and distance traveled.
  • Our guarantee: If no mole or gopher is removed, we refund 100% of all fees.
  • Low price agreements are available.

Before Mole Treatment

Client's Lawn Before Mole Masters

After Mole Treatment

Client's Lawn After Mole Masters